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What is the benefit of knowing about NLP for you as a trainer or facilitator?

The book 'Unlimited Power - the new science of personal achievement -' - Author: Anthony Robbins ( Dutch version - 'Je Ongekende Vermogens ) gives an insight in the world of NLP . What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? What can you do with NLP as a trainer or facilitator? Neuro = 'Brains'; Linguistic = 'Language'; Programming = 'Planning or Procedures' NLP studies how language (non-verbal & verbal) influences our brains. Our capacity to take action in our own lives depends on our ability to manage our brainsystem. The ones who gain successes have an ability to manage and direct their system effectively. Antony Robbins , author of Unlimited Power , mentions 7 characteristics of successful people which are based on a research of Bandler & Grindler in the '60s and '70s of the last century. Successfull people have ; 1. Passion; 2. Beliefs and ability to convince; 3. Strategy; 4. Clear values; 5. Energy (through main

Brain@work, an eye opener for trainers & facilitators

Brainatwork - authors Nina Lazeron & Ria van Dinteren - gave me a lot of inspirational hints in preparing my trainings and facilitation events. Following are some useful hints: Know abouts and hints for preparing your trainings · Repetition is essential for embedding learning · Create a safe environment , where people feel safe and comfortable. Also provide space and time for informal contacts. The most practical and valuable information is shared during the informal moments. The formal moments are the platform for the starting process of new behaviour and inspiration. . Trainees formulate their own expectations, monitor and evaluate them . Provide space of adjustment of your training according to the development of the students. Give your trainees a task in advance of the training to foster their motivation. · Create a positive learning environment . Build on successes from the past, apply appreciative inquiry · Practise, practise, practise..... 10.000 hours or more make