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Second serie of online games for learning and facilitation

This week I came along a Ted Talk of Jane McGonigal .  According to Jane Mc Gonigal we spended in 2010  3 billion hours a week on gaming. However, we need to jump to 21 billion hours a week  in use of online gaming in 2020 to work towards  a better performing world. Jane argues that online games are positive for learning. Games create positive emotions (fun, curiosity),  it helps people to focus and to concentrate and make people creative in problem solving.  Online games foster building relationships.  According to Jane gamers are powerful, creative and optimistic people. Gamers can perform more.   If we promote gaming, we can make a better world. Watch.  Tedtalk:   Jane Mc Gonigal - Gaming can make a better world Find a second compilation of games, which are fun to play at training or facilitation events.  The first compilation you can read at; Ten online games for learning and  facilitation. Language or wordgames 1.   Bookworm 2.   Slidoword Mathematics