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Certified Professional Facilitator for another 4 years!

Recently I graduated and was recertified as Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) for another 4 years with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) . In 2008 I passed my first assessment, when I was judged by 2 senior CPF Assessors. Background IAF's aim of the certification process, started in 2003, is to ensure that Certified IAF members meet the standards of dealing with different and complex situations as facilitator. Through this program IAF wants to ensure and maintain high quality standards for the profession of Facilitation. Facilitation is an Art and experience as must!. The certification process As part of the assessment, I was asked to select 7 workshops with different clients in different situations over the last 4 years. I selected a mix of face-to-face workshops and trajectories with civil servants, social workers and international development workers. I also presented an online facilitation trajectorie involving young professionals and a partici