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Ways to facilitate workshops with illiterate or low educated people

Give your photocamera to a group of students and ask them to make a photoserie of the most attractive touristic places in town. This is what my teacher did when I attended a language school in the South of Spain. When we came back we had a fantastic conversation about the most appealing touristic places in Cadiz, seen through the eyes of foreign students. Imagine you work in a context with illiterate or low educated people. You are asked to facilitate an evaluation assessing what has changed in people’s lifes?   Behavioural   changes which have been taking place with the different stakeholders in the project. While working with illiterate or low educated people there are various ways to share insights and perspectives ensuring equitable participation: 1.        Conduct a workshop using visuals Instruct people to build a story based on photos or pictures. Or ask people to visualize their ideas by drawing. Discuss the visuals afterwards on an interactive way. 2.