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Brainteaser – Do not jump to conclusions too quickly!

Do not jump to conclusions too quickly! That is the message in the Brainteaser, visualized by Nicole Kienhuis and Simon Koolwijk .   Patience can be a valuable attitude in decision making.   Watch the Brainteaser:

Facilitation skills as a key requirement for evaluators

Is monitoring and evaluation a hype? Or is a sustainable change taking place in international development, that embeds M & E processes in the structures of organizations,  governments and projects?  According to Michael  Quinn Patton, lecturer in the E-learning course “Emerging practices in development evaluations”   offered by MyMandE, the demand for M & E has increased dramatically during the last couple of years in international development.  Due to the increasing demand from citizens, civil society and donor organizations for more accountability and transparency, governments and development organizations are investing more and more in M & E systems, staff training in M & E, mid-term reviews, learning networks and evaluations. Knowledge exchange and an increasing need for ‘lesson learning’ under development professionals accelerates this demand. M & E processes become ownership driven The client is increasingly becoming the starting point of evaluations.