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Project Cycle Management - logframe training 16, 17 & 18th April 2007

Together with Mr. Gerard Verbeek from Synergo Consult I conducted on the 16th, 17th and 18th April 2007 a Project Cycle Management - Logical Framework training for Red een Kind (Help a Child). This organisation focusses on empowering Children at Risk in development countries. Help a Child is active in Eastern Africa and in a number of countries in Asia. During the training 10 staff gained skills in planning, monitoring & evaluation, and made a plan of action on how to integrate the programmatic approach in their Child Sponsoring Program.
Regards, Simon

Training Facilitation Methods - 11th April 2007

Last week I trained three advisors from ICCO in facilitation methods. The advisors will play a major role in improving external communication of Non Governmental Organisations in Bolivia, Ethiopia and Honduras. One of the local organisations focuses on mainstreaming Aids/ HIV issues with their development partners in Ethiopia, while the other two organisations stress the right of indigenous people and farmers. Hereby some photo impressions of the training.



Training Capacity Development 1 - 4 April 2007

Last week I conducted on the 3rd and 4th April 2007 a 2 days training on how to facilitate a capacity assessment & planning with Non-Governmental Organisations. This training was part of a 4-days course on Capacity Development with the Hendrik Kraemers Institute in Utrecht. Seven people contracted by ICCO, CMC and KerkinActie participated. They are going to work for local NGO's in Africa and Latin America.

Nijmegen, 5th April 2007

Last week, 29th March 2007, a training was conducted on Organisational analysis and capacity development in Nijmegen. Together with the participants we shared about theories and practicalities of capacity development, discussed about tools such as IC-scan, IOM and the Strategic Orientation Round for Strategic Decision making.
Another training on Capacity Assessment and Development will be planned in June/ July 2007. For more information, e-mail to Simon Koolwijk,