Friday, August 29, 2008

Project Cycle Management & Capacity Development 25 - 28 August 2008

"A very useful course commented the participants! Many options for application and the reference material is great! We know now what models and methods which are best applicable for our field work!"

Members from ICCO, Zending Gereformeerde Gemeenten, De Verre Naasten, Gereformeerde Zendingsbond and Stichting Kapini, and Kawempe Youth Centre followed from 25th - 28th August 2008 a 4-day training in Project Cycle Management/ Logical framework, capacity development and facilitation. Participants learned on how to develop a project and project proposal, how to initiate an organisational analysis and how to contribute towards organisational strengthening. On the last day the participants gained facilitation skills and led a number of workshops and received feedback. This training was hosted by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute in Utrecht.

Some highlights for the course were the issues on capacity development, the pitholes and the challenges and the various examples Simon Koolwijk gave from Eastern Europe and Africa, where the facilitated and guided many local organisations. The course is definetely one to be recommended, commented the participants.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Building local inland organisations in Suriname / June - August 2008

On the 11th, 13th June and 21st August, Ahmad Vreden - development advisor for ICCO -, was trained in approaches and methods for capacity development.

Ahmad is guiding on behalf of ICCO local organisations that are working with the population in the inland forest areas of Suriname. One of his main tasks is to strengthen and build the capacities of two local organisations, STEPS and VGOV. Both organisations aim to improve the well being and wellfare of the inhabitants of the forest areas in Suriname. Another important task of Ahmad is to assist the local population in the process of starting an educational centre for unemployed and disadvantaged youth in Mungo. This centre will assist the local youth in improving their life- and social skills, so that they will be enabled to find employment. The centre will also provide opportunities to improve the entrepreneurial skils of youth to start their own business.

During this training Ahmad Vreden got acquainted with the approaches of capacity development. Based on this knowledge draft plans were created for the development 'Youth Education & Employment Centre', and draft capacity development plans were created for STEPS and VGOV. Extra attention was paid on how to create ownership and involvement of the local organisations on how to formulate and elaborate these plans. Some of the participatory techniques used were; 1) organisational profile, 2) life cycle & scan of organisations, 3) the organisational scan, 4) SWOT analysis and 5) strategy formulation and planning.

This training has widened my perspective on how to guide local organisations in setting priorities and build their capacities in strategic thinking, commented Ahmad at the end of the training. It was a very practical and useful course.