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Training Online Facilitation October 29 - November 5, 2009

To facilitate an online process is hard work! I have gained more insight in online exchange processes. The training was a good combination of online learning and face-to-face training. These were some of the comments by the online professionals, who participated in the training "Online Facilitation" which was organized by Elmine Wijnia, Sibrenne Wagenaar, Joitske Hulsebosch and Simon Koolwijk. View more of them at the video "Genetwerkt Samenwerken"

Between October 29 - November 5, 2009 participants exchanged experiences through a Ning Platform. Some examples of topics which were shared: 1. Who can share some online experiences? 2. How to keep participants motivated and online?, 3. How to deal with safety issues? 4. How to best conduct a teleconference online? The discussions generated a lot of useful suggestions and ideas.

On the 5th November 2009 the training was finalized with a face-to-face meeting, were examples of best practices for online learning were shared…