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The last 4 weeks I have spended my time reading. Two books really caught my attention. The first one which gave me a lot of new inspiration is: "Creativiteit Hoe? Zo? - Igor Byttebier."
The book provides a number of brainstorm techniques on how to get new illunamous ideas. Normally with the traditional brainstorm methods you get the regular ideas, but with some exceptional techniques you can create new things, which you have not been thinking of before. Igor Byttebier clearifies from the beginning that creativity is not something, that is only given to a few number of people. It is something you can learn! The book gives some exercises which help you to develop these skills. Myself, I have started to look differently at pictures, photos and things in my surroundings. Last week I was looking at a picture with hot peppers! But when I looked it from a different perspective I saw women in red dresses dancing very passionately, or I saw that somebody had cut a white paper and had stuck it on a red background, and when I turned the image up side down, I saw some red, excentric bottles. Asking questions on a different way and deviating from the subject (using a number of associative techniques) are two other perspectives on how to get new and a greater variety of ideas. The book it really worthwhile reading. I am definitely going to use some techniques in my work.

The second book "Waar halen ze het vandaan? - Over inspiratie - Miranda Hoogendoorn & Pieter Winsemius" is about Inspiration. Dutch VIP's tell about what and who inspired them in their lifes. The authors recognise 5 phases in our lives, where we learn and are inspired from others.
Phase 1: The pioneer (our childhood)
Phase 2: The student (from 18 - 30)
Phase 3: Companian (from 30 - 40)
Phase 4: Master (from 40 to the end of our lives)
Phase 5: Supporters (this last our whole lives, these are the people we appreciate and admire)

"Follow your heart", "Do what you feel is right! Do not feel discouraged if others feel differently, look for supporters", "Be yourself", "Be open to learn", "Do different jobs in society, and not only your professional job. Then you get a feeling and realize in what is happening in different parts of the society!" are some major remarks which are given by the VIP's. It is a book very worthwhile reading and it is nice to verify the people who were and are inspiring in all the five phases of my life. It has encouraged me to get in touch with new people, and discover more about their inspirations and example figures in their lifes.


  1. brainstorming is a creative technique with little structure (most of the times) If you are interested in structured creativity/problem solving, you could have a look at TRIZ TRIZ, although not really suitable for your type of processes, it is an interesting alternative approach.

  2. Hoi Simon, dat boek over creativiteit klinkt interessant. Voegt het iets toe aan het boek van de Bono over creativiteit?


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