Participatory video in Marseille

"How do habitants think about their own neighbourhood?".  This was the theme about which 17 European videomakers developed a participatory video on how citizens think of their neighbourhood in Marseille and Aix en Provence.  The theme was interesting since Marseille will be the cultural European Capital in 2013 together with Kosice in Slovakia.   This Grundtvig funded training about Participatory Videomaking was organised by Têtes de l'Art in co-operation with Vidéos des Pays et des Quartiers (VDPQ) and Anonymal. from 5th - 10th March, 2012.

See video:  Participatory video making in Marseille

"This training was well organised. We learned how to plan a story", shares one of the participants. "A good planning is essential. It helps to develop the story and it saves time for video editing".  During the middle of the week interviews were conducted in specific urban areas of Marseille and Aix en Provence.  Two teams composed a 7-minute video each.   See; Video  PV Marseille and  Video PV Aix en Provence.    The two videos were shown at  a participatory livestream tv broadcast platform discussing citizenship and participatory video.   
The livestream tv broadcast was prepared and conducted by the 17 participants supported by one team on the technical part (camera, sound, light, decor, room set up) and editorial part. The live discussion tv broadcast was animated by one of the participants.

The week was a special and a unique experience.

  • I learned a lot of small things about video story development,  camera work and video editing;
  • The week provided the opportunity to build a joint group feeling all coming from different countries and cultural contexts. We communicated both in English and French;
  • The broadcast of a participatory livestream video platform by the end of the week is a stimulating goal that helps to get focus, it strengthens the group's identity and it facilitates a process of learning.
The event was a milestone in my personal development as a participatory videomaker.  I feel connected with the International European Network Vidéos des Pays et des Quartiers (VDPQ).  Every year in the second or third week of June they are involved in the organisation of the Filmfestival about Community Video in Kosice, Slovakia.  It was a great experience!  


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