Facilitation Fundraising strategy - Milieukontakt International - 17th December 2008

"We have set priorities! It was a good day to share and to reflect. We have done a lot of good work in raising funds with our partners at the Balkan for the Green Agenda project. We did not recognise that we had a facilitator today! Simon was behind the screens, but still he was there...." These were some of the comments of the staff of MilieuKontakt International at the Balkan Fundraising strategy meeting, where information was shared on how many local funds were raised for the Green Agenda project.
The Green Agenda project focuses on conducting multistakeholder processes on environmental pracises with citizens in 6 countries at the Balkan; Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. In each country 3 pilots projects are conducted in 3 communities where improvement of cultural and natural values are the key. Some communities are already busy implementing some projects such as the promotion of bicycles in Banja Luka in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sustainable tourism & energy saving light in some communities in Macedonia, some improved waste management practises in Albania and some nature preservation and tourism initiatives in Montenegro.
Many of the participating projects have already raised local matching funds for the pilot projects. A number of local governments are supporting some pilots, and for example the Soros foundation and the Global Environmental Fund are supporting some multistakeholder processes. PSO in The Hague is also supporting some capacity building parts of this project.

Challenges are still there in the area of getting financial support for international exchange. The MilieuKontakt team will further strengthen their fundraising efforts in promoting and dissiminating the best practises of the Green Agenda Project. As we move on as we are moving now, the project will sell itself, said one of the participants. It is really something practical and successfull where civil society is taking initiatives themselves in improving the environment, expressed one of the participants at the end of the seminar.


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