Working with web 2.0 tools, 3rd December 2008

"I am very much inspired, but now the challenge to do it at home..." "A very useful course to get acquainted with all the electronic tools, you can use for learning processes", "Lets first start myself and master the tools a bit, before I start to encourage my colleagues". Comments which came from the participants at the end of the training working with web 2.0 tools held in Utrecht on the 3rd December 2008.

Most of the time of the training was focused on practising and playing with the web 2.0 tools (see photos and impressions). Participants got acquainted with social bookmarking, forum discussions, wiki's and on how to load down rss feeds. During the exercises Joitske Hulsebosch, Elmine Wijnia and Simon Koolwijk were available for assistance.The training provided a lot of eye openers. Social bookmarking gives you an opportunity to list and store all literature and resources, and you can check the bookmarkes of your colleagues. It provides you insight on how to update yourself professionally. Forum discussions help you to answer urgent questions with a critical group of people. Simple questions such as: "where can I learn most effectively Chinese? Or which games or energizers can I use next week for a group high profile managers" will definetely generate answers on a forum. Wiki's and blogspots are useful tools to share resources, such as toolkits and articles. Simon Koolwijk for example works with a group of capacity development advisors from ICCO and they share their resources at the iccocad wiki and their articles at the blogspot "Everything You Always wanted to know about Capacity Development". RSS feeds will provide you the opportunity that the information will come to you, instead of you searching long time for the information.
During the last day part of the training the participants came up with new ideas on how to apply the e-tools in their worksituation. Use the wiki for coaching, make a social bookmark for myself, start a forum discussion in my organisation, build a training course using a wiki.
The next training in web 2.0 tools will be planned in early February 2009. This course is a joined initiative of Joitske Hulsebosch, Elmine Wijnia, Sibrenne Wagenaar and Simon Koolwijk. They share a joined website called Workingwithweb2.0 tools.


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