Training facilitation methods at the University of Social Work - Utrecht - Amersfoort - 18th December 2008

Great course! The discussion method is a great tool for reflections and evaluations. The course was very useful and interactive. We were involved the whole day, and did not get time to loose attention. A nice and involving way of teaching. I am inspired to use the methods at my work. Students from the University of Social Work - De Horst in Amersfoort (Hogeschool Utrecht) had a great experience on the 18th December 2008.
Community Youth Development was the topic of the course. Students learned new methods for involving and engaging youth. Focus during this course were on the Technology of Participation Methods which have been developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA. The future youth workers learned to practise with the basic conversation method. Through this tool participants are able to share their observations, feelings, meanings and decisions. It is a powerful tool in getting groups focused and involved. The other method was the brainstorm workshop method. Focus question of the workshop was: "What are practical ways to stimulate youth participation? " To foster culture & creativity, youth - organisation - sports, get youth involved in societal issues, learn through education and involvement in society were identified as the practical ways to get the youth involved.

Finally one of the participants facilitated the evaluation by using the basic conversation method. More useful methods on facilitation can be found through the IAF method website of the International Association of Facilitators. Simon Koolwijk (Facili2transform) is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF).

After finalizing the course the students went for a drink with the trainers to celebrate the end of the year.


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