Training project cycle management & capacity development 27 - 28 november & 1 December 2008

"The flow was perfect" "I enjoyed every moment" "A very useful course, which supports me to plan my capacity development efforts" "A dynamic course with a lot of variation in exercises".
These were the comments of three development advisors who will be working the next two years for ICCO and Stichting Stephanos in Malawi, Peru and Honduras. One advisor will be supporting touristic initiatives in Peru, one will work as a creative therapy consultant with youth in Honduras, and one will be working as an educational co-ordinator supporting local schools and orphans in Malawi. The course was organised by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute in Utrecht. The institute is preparing development advisors for consultancies and missions in the south. Simon Koolwijk was conducting the 3-day training.
Capacity development, strengthening local partners to make their service delivery more sustainable and effective, is one of their main tasks. Assisting local staff in project planning and proposal writing will also be one of their duties. Therefore the training was focused at learning skills in project cycle management and learning skills on how to do organisational development and capacity planning. More tools and resources can be found at the ICCOcad resource site.

Articles about capacity development advisors, who have been trained by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute and who most have a working background with ICCO projects can be found at the ICCOcad blogspot "Everything you always wanted to know about capacity development" .


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