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Books - worthwhile reading!

The last 4 weeks I have spended my time reading. Two books really caught my attention. The first one which gave me a lot of new inspiration is: "Creativiteit Hoe? Zo? - Igor Byttebier ." The book provides a number of brainstorm techniques on how to get new illunamous ideas. Normally with the traditional brainstorm methods you get the regular ideas, but with some exceptional techniques you can create new things, which you have not been thinking of before. Igor Byttebier clearifies from the beginning that creativity is not something, that is only given to a few number of people. It is something you can learn! The book gives some exercises which help you to develop these skills. Myself, I have started to look differently at pictures, photos and things in my surroundings. Last week I was looking at a picture with hot peppers! But when I looked it from a different perspective I saw women in red dresses dancing very passionately, or I saw that somebody had cut a white paper and