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Connecting Video stories to Most Significant Change (MSC)

Most Significant Change is an excellent evaluation tool for measuring behavioral change with beneficiaries during a project period. MSC has a step based approach where personal stories from key stakeholders are collected, analyzed and verified. One of the key steps is the phase of defining the 'Domain of Change' and collecting the stories. This is the phase where the MSC-question is asked for a specific change in a domain. For example: (1) Looking back over the last 2 years, (2) what do you think was, (3) the most significant (4) change (5) in the development of your business (6) in your community? Generally, three to five domains are a manageable number for conducting a MSC-evaluation. The stories are collected, analyzed, and verified from and with a selected group of beneficiairies. An important part is the process of drawing conclusions, lessons and recommendations. Involvement of the right stakeholders determines the quality of the outcome of the evaluation. Since

Minefield exercise – excellent game for building trust en discussing leadership roles!

Crossing the minefield blind folded.   One person is directed through a minefield with the assistance of a guide.   This game / exercise is excellent for building trust, discussing leadership roles and letting go responsibilities.   This game has been visualized by Nicole Kienhuis   and Simon Koolwijk .   Watch the exercise at the video: