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Facilitation of online learning - 25th March 2009

"A very inspiring course! We have gained ideas and tools to start immediately. The combination of online communication and face to face meetings deepens our understanding about learning." During the course Facilitation of online learning hosted by NVO2 twelve participants with a background in training, teaching and education management got acquainted with three 'best practises' in online learning. Sibrenne Wagenaar , Joitske Hulsebosch , Elmine Wijnia and Simon Koolwijk presented three successfull cases where online learning was combined with face to face exchange. After gaining ideas participants shared their lessons by chat, and in the afternoon they designed their own online learning process. More information on how to set up online learning processes are shared at our digital library . The next course about tools for online learning will be organised on the 29th May 2009. More information can be found at our joint website

Some inspiring books!

"A whole new mind - Why right - brainers will rule the future" is a book which very much caught my inspiration. The book explains that in the coming decades the creative people will be the ones dominating and inspiring our work and economies. Daniel H. Pink explains that a lot of products and services have been standardized. Economies as China and India are much more competitative than our economies in producting standardized products. Therefore the challenge for European and American countries is to become innovative and creative. Daniel H. Pink recommends the six senses, which stimulate creative development: Design (make your product or service unique in its design) Story (connect a story to your product) Symphony (your service is like a music song, touching people at different stages) Empathy (replace yourself into the client and understand body language) Play (make people play and stimulate the inner child in them) Meaning (give meaning and understanding to y