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Online or f2f brainstorming?

'There is no better situation, than seeing each other's eyes  and use your brains while interacting at the same place at the same time'. This is what I hear regularly as feedback from my colleague facilitators and clients. However, nowadays there are free online applications available, which can be used while brainstorming at different places at the same time. Recently I applied in one of my training courses about 'Facilitation Methods'.  Spiderscribe can be used in the combination with skype (teleconferencing) for doing: a brainstorm workshop with postes debates creative brainstorming using mindmap applications evaluations Impressions of the Training Facilitation Methods with online tools at animoto: Try our video maker at Animoto. Advantages online brainstorming Online brainstorming provides the following advantages: You can do it at a distance with a group of people online at the same time; The software of sp

Making a video about the future of the consultant in international development

'Follow your heart, use your brains!'  This was the title of the video that opened the 25th Anniversary of the Nedworc Association on the 6th January 2012 in Amsterdam.  Nedworc is a network of development consultants in international development co-operation.  In October 2011  Erica Wortel ,  Joke Oranje and Simon Koolwijk developed in partnership with the Nedworc Anniversary committee the scenario for a video about the future development in the sector of international development co-operation.  The future of the sector,  developments on the labor market for consultants,  professional development and the future of the consultant were the main discussion threads for the development of the video. See video:  'Follow your heart, use your brains!' (in Dutch) The process of video making After developing the scenario   Erica Wortel and Joke Oranje selected member consultants with various backgrounds eg. livestock advisor, forestry researcher, director of a