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Powerful stories sustain

Good stories sustain. From scientific research it has been proven, that people remember powerful stories best. Especially if stories are true-ish and told with emotion, people do not tend to forget them. In the course ‘Facilitating Storytelling’ held on the 15 th April, 2014 participants got acquainted with some major principles on how to tell and share powerful stories. Powerful stories are used for: Branding/ marketing; Organizational change; Knowledge transfer; Lobby, campaigning and awareness raising; Games   An example of a powerful story, you can watch at Specsavers Emergency Drone Delivery: Through the application of some useful tools, such as the symbol, the river, the Little Red Ridinghood and the Bad Wolf practice was gained on how to develop a powerful story. By the end a stripcartoon was designed visualizing a story abou t the added value of education.   Read strip cartoon about Education . The next training on ‘Facilitating Storytellin