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Storytelling by video as a tool for building bridges

Collecting personal stories can provide some interesting insights on what is going on in a project or a community.   In june 2013, I worked for two weeks with .   This organization, based in Salon de Provence – France, aims to strengthen organisations and structures of social work in applying participatory video for building social cohesion amongst people or communities. trains social workers, teachers, trainers who work with groups or communities. Their work is mainly based in France, but also participates in projects in Africa and Canada. Video productions are disseminated through their webtv channel at Storytelling   by local entrepreneurs Marseille – Provence has been designated in 2013 as cultural capital of Europe. Under the name MP13 various cultural activities are organized in Marseille and neighboring cities (Aix en Provence, Arlon, Salon de Provence) to promote the region in France and to other European countries. In the con

Make your own circle – An exercise for solving complex issues!

‘Make your own circle’ is a very useful exercise in thinking through the process of solving complex issues. The exercise can be used for training courses, facilitation events or discussions which are linked to solving complex problems.   ‘Make your own circle’ is   visualized by Nicole Kienhuis and SimonKoolwijk .     Watch the exercise at video: