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Seven critical factors for a successful Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP)

In early 2015 I conducted a Participatory Strategic Planning for a consultancy business. For this I applied the Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP)  approach, which has been developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs .  The Strategic Planning consists of six key steps, 0. Intake formulation of the focus question 1.  Formulation / Review  Mission, values/ Trend analysis and environmental scan; 2.  Practical Vision; 3.  Underlying contradictions; 4.  Strategic Directions; 5.  Operational planning. The method Step 0: Intake and formulating the focus question Before step 1 takes place in the strategic planning process, an essential step is necessary, to move forward.  This is the intake and the formulation of the focus question. The ownership of the organizational change starts at the intake. Asking the right questions and getting the right people at the table are crucial conditions for enabling a successful strategic planning.  The focus question is t