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Facilitating storytelling through the Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Last week I facilitated a workshop with the aim to harvest funny fictional stories. I applied the facilitation method of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf’ .   After sharing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf , I explained the main characteristics of a good story. Definition of a story : A story is a representation of events that are associated with each other. A story has the following characteristics: ·          Is self-explanatory and has a beginning, middle and end; ·          Contains narrative elements; ·          Is authentic: true or true-ish; ·          Is personal; ·          Calls on emotions and / or is told with emotion. Narrative elements are: 1.        A main character (protagonist): A (anti) hero with whom the listener or reader can identify; 2.        A storyline; chronological sequence of events, which includes 3.        A plot: development, wrestle, dilemmas; 4.        An  "opponent" (antagonist

Dialogue on social accountability through participatory video – 7 steps

From 16 th to 20 th December, 2013 Simon Koolwijk conducted a participatory video training for 10 representatives from 5 social accountability implementing partners in the Ethiopian Social Accountability Programme (ESAP2). This program aims to improve the communication and relations between local stakeholders such as local government (Woredas and Kebeles), civil society organisations, local citizens groups and service providers in the areas of health care, agriculture, water and sanitation, education and rural road construction. The process of better communication aims to help to improve the services of service providers (the suppliers) so that citizens needs (the users) are being met. The participatory video was initiated to help to stimulate and support the dialogue on social accountability and the improvement of social services. In the one week training, participants got the opportunity to apply participatory video in Gulele Sub City, where they interviewed key stakeholders