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Mastering the tools, a first step on the journey of an online facilitator!

In the end of November 2011, the first part of the course ' Social Media for organisationalchange '  was completed with a f2f meeting at Maliebaan45 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.   For a period of two weeks eleven participants practised with a number of social media tools, which are applied for organisational learning and change processes.  Twitter , Linkedin, Facebook, Google plus, Houtsuite, Prezi, Spiderscribe , Delicious ,   Twiddla and Yammer were some of the major tools which were applied for practise.  Experiences about ad- and disadvantages were shared at a Ning Discussion platform . Practise with tools Three groups, all organised in a virtual summerhouse, selected a tool to present.   Two groups presented their experiences with Yammer . The tool is userfriendly, easy applicable and has a lot of functions which foster discussions. It has some similarities with Facebook and Twitter. ' Yammer is a tool that is renewing itself continuously' adds Sibr