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How will video be used and applied in 2017?

Due to technological changes the role of video will increase in the coming years. Nowadays internet provides enormous possibilities to disseminate video messages (youtube, vimeo). The growing popularity of video making by digital camera's, mobile telephones and the availability of user friendly and low cost video editing software makes it much more easier for consultants, project staff and field workers to use video as a tool for their work. More and more video broadcasts are replacing or adding added value to written reports or publications. It is foreseen that video will play a major role in projects and organisations in 2017. Video will be having multiple functions; 1. Video as a tool for Montioring and Evaluation in a project Video will be increasingly used for monitoring and evaluation of projects. Video is a means to capture stories which can communicate qualitative changes. Evaluation methods, such as ' Most significant change ' can be excellently be applied th