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Video as a tool to explore strategic priorities

'Personal Branding'  through social media is becoming more and more important in today's society. How does your self-perception match with the perception of others?  Through your website and social media such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube you can build and develop your personal profile in the virtual world.  Developing a video presenting myself was one of my key activities, I facilitated last month. Discovering strategic priorities in the preparation process The process of making a short video message about yourself is an interesting journey of self-searching and reformulating the strategic priorities of your business. During the last two months of my summerholidays, I went through a process for reformulating my strategies, key activities and target groups. Key questions that helped me in this process were: How is the current situation of the business?   What is successfull? What gives energy? What does not go well? Which activities are frustrating and