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Evaluation is an opportunity for transformation!

'Provide a voice to the most marginalised groups in society.’   ‘ As an evaluator you have a role to play in transforming perspectives.  Clearifying your values, and in my case using participative approaches in promoting equity and equal participation in change’ ,  is one of the most important lessons I gained from the e-learning course ‘Equity-Focused Evaluations’ .      This distance learning course is conducted by MyMandE  an initiative of UNICEF, the Rockeveller Foundation, Claremont Graduate University and IOCE.    The main goal is to support evaluation expert’s to update their knowledge and skills in conducting evaluations and providing them with the latest developments in evaluations. For more information watch the video:  My MandE – E-learning on Development Evaluation. What is an equity-focused evaluation? An Equity-focused evaluation is a judgement made of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. It provides assessments of what

Digital storytelling by video

'Ask yourself a question and make yourself to be followed by a videocamera'.   This is what one of the participants did at the bookpresentation  'Omdat het Werkt! - 11 casestudies about learning with social media '.  This day, organised by the Losmakers on the 28th September 2012,  was aiming to exchange knowledge and experiences about successful application of social media in learning- and educational trajectories. This videoproduction was applied as an experiment to test the effects on the person who was followed and the responses it generated from the fellow participants at this seminar. It was an example of experimenting with 'Digital Storytelling'. The videostory The story of the video was focused at following one of the twenty-five participants during the workshops. Through a Linkedin group, that was started prior to the event, one enthousiastic participant was identified and selected.   The story board of the video was developed by the filmmaker a