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Characteristics of a powerful video story – Nine examples

If you developing a video story, there a number of key questions you have to ask yourself before you start filming: What is the story about? Why are you filming this story? What is the purpose you want to accomplish? Who will be the target audience? And what is the essence you want to communicate to them? And how are you planning to disseminate this video? What is the context?   What is the background of the story? When did it take place? From whom’s perspective is the story told? Where is the videomaking taking place? What is the setting and the environment where you are filming? What videoshots do you want to make? Who are the actors in the video? What is the language and the subtitlng? What is the estimated time span of the video? When? Where? And How are you going to do the filming? What will be the structure and logic of the story?   What are a number of principles you apply in the video you are producing? What kind of music will be supporting the story?   Are you pla

How to deal as a trainer or teacher with uninterested participants

Every trainer or teacher will face it one day.  A participant who is not involved, not doing their tasks and not participating in the group discussions and exercises.  Although I have been involved for more than 20 years in training, teaching and facilitation, it is still a challenge to face and to deal with an uninterested participant. Here are some tips and hints on how to intervene; 1.         A private talk, one-to-one Let’s face it. Try to discover why somebody is not involved or interested.   During a break, after the training or at an informal moment you decide to talk to the person.   Doing the talk in a relaxed atmosphere, for example a walk or a drink, helps to bring the person at ease.   Questionning and inquiring on how the participant feels in the group or participates in the course, helps the participant to make a choice if the training or the course is the most appropriate way to learn and how the person can take the initiative to lead their own learning proces. S