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Trust – An exercise for building trust in groups!

‘Trust’ is a very useful exercise in creating trust in groups during a training or facilitation event. The exercise is simple, easy to apply and promotes connections between people.   ‘Trust’ is   visualized by Nicole Kienhuis and Simon Koolwijk.     Watch the exercise at video:  

How to deal with your own pitfalls as a facilitator or trainer?

‘Shit happens!’   This is a quote from one of my colleague trainers/ facilitators,   that I still keep in my mind when I have had a difficult workshop or training. There are occasions when we as trainers/ facilitators are triggered or put off by a difficult group of participants. While reading the book ‘Good for the Group – Five mirrors for blind spots – The first self-help book for trainers’ written by Karin de Galan , I was both inspired and triggered to reflect on my own learning stage as a facilitator/ trainer. Last year I remember,   I had a participant in my workshop who kept complaining about his director after his director had left after a debriefing of 45 minutes. I tried my best to have his colleague managers to address   his own behavior, but it failed.   After this, I somehow frooze and was not able anymore in discovering ways to find meaningful contact with him and to re-energize the group. I remember, I felt one week very bad about this experience!   ‘Shit happens!’   Bu